Ensuring Purity and Safety: How to Select the Right Container System for Safe, Clean Chemical Delivery

White paper

Of all the industries that rely on a consistent supply of both raw and specialty chemicals, the semiconductor industry sets the highest bar for purity. As semiconductor manufacturers continue to pursue advanced technology nodes, driven by today’s technology megatrends including artificial intelligence (AI), 5G, and Big Data, purity requirements continue to tighten.
This is because the finer feature sizes of next generation logic and memory devices are more
sensitive to contamination and defects that could impact device yield, performance, and reliability. As such, industry-standards bodies have spent decades developing standards for raw materials, components, and analytical methods to ensure that the precise delivery of high-purity chemicals can be replicated across the industry.1
Knowing this, both raw and specialty chemistry suppliers to the semiconductor industry endeavor to consistently meet these standards in their products. Imagine the frustration of achieving premium levels of chemical purity, packaging those products, and shipping them to the customer, only to discover that upon arrival, they no longer meet specifications.

This paper discusses the challenges chemical suppliers and fab managers face to ensure clean and safe chemical delivery and provides recommendations for how to overcome them.


A primary challenge chemical suppliers to the semiconductor industry face is maintaining purity throughout the chemical’s manufacturing process, storage, handling, filtering, and transport to the end customer.