Sterile Filtration and Optimization for Single-Use Integration in Life Sciences

bioprocess webinar

In this webinar, our focus is on sterile filtration and how filtration manufacturers optimize materials to maximize performance and integration within single-use systems. Sterile filtration is a critical step within many bioprocessing steps – both upstream and downstream – where performance, safety, and quality are all critically important. We will discuss the value proposition of optimizing sterile filtration through filter design and how sterile filtration integrates into single-use systems while maximizing bioprocessing performance.



Chris Rios, Senior Field Applications Engineer, Entegris, Inc.

Chris Rios Picture1Chris has over eight years’ experience working in the life sciences industry, with a focus on single-use components and sterile filtration. Prior to joining Entegris, Chris held multiple technical roles supporting end-users in bioprocessing and medical device with product development, technical and implementation support, and co-development of engineering solutions.

Chris worked at Millipore Sigma as a single-use technical application specialist and at Saint-Gobain as a field application engineer. He received his Bachelor of Science in Bioengineering and Economics and is currently pursuing his Master of Science in Bioengineering at George Mason University.

Chris discusses the value of optimizing sterile filtration through design and how sterile filtration integrates into single-use systems to maximize performance.

Key learning objectives:

  • Learn about manufacturing material optimization for sterile filtration
  • Understand how membrane optimization and capsule configurations maximize performance
  • Learn how filters can be integrated seamlessly into single-use systems