Solid Precursors for 3D Architectures: Materials, Processing, and Delivery

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New precursors are continually developed to meet the ALD needs of a broad array of materials. Often, the best precursor for an application is available only in solid form.

While the introduction of solid precur­sors complicates deposition processes, solutions are available and have been described in this paper. By starting with high-purity powders, modifying equip­ment, utilizing an advanced delivery vessel, and using comprehensive analytical data to adjust process conditions, IDMs can successfully implement solid precursors to enable ALD of the novel materials needed to drive the higher performance and greater demands of the consumer.

This paper discusses how processes and equipment are evolving to accommodate a growing array of solid precursors, and explains how IDMs can successfully work with solid precursors to yield the advanced logic and memory chips needed to drive the next generation of data processing and storage devices.