SEMICON Japan 2019

Entegris is excited to participate in SEMICON Japan 2019 which takes place in the heart of the semiconductor supply chain. Learn about our innovative advanced solutions by requesting event-related content.



96 Layers and Beyond: Solving 3D NAND Material and Integration Challenges

Improvements in materials and process integration will enable high-yielding 3D NAND structures to support the ever-increasing device storage needs.

Advanced Coatings

Three Successful Precision Engineered Techniques for Coating Plasma Chamber Components

Pictorial of precision engineered techniques for coating plasma chamber components that help maintain etch rates and the electrical integrity of deposited layers. The advanced coating methods include physical vapor deposition (PVD), atomic layer deposition (ALD), and a multilayer hybrid technique.



Advanced Deposition Materials Innovation

Pictorial explaining how Entegris is solving advanced technology challenges using a holistic approach in the development of industry-leading formulated chemistries, CMP pad conditioners, and brushes.


Chasing the Perfect Pattern

Pictogram illustrates the impact of defects that can be introduced throughout the lithography process, what causes them, how to combat them - in the context of predicting the source of - and eliminating variability in pursuit of the perfect pattern.

Filtration Facts and Fiction Using the "Lithographer's Toolkit"

Pictorial that separates filtration facts from fiction, and explains how to use the "Lithographer's Toolkit" to select the optimal solution to reduce the variations that degrade the performance of photolithography processes.


Clean Chemical Delivery

We help you maintain a clean chemical delivery environment with contamination-controlled chemical packaging, filtration, pumps, and fluid handling products that will increase product yield and reduce financial loss. Pictorial explains the importance of clean chemical delivery from chemical manufacture to the point of use.

Purity and Safety: How to Select the Right Container System for Safe, Clean Chemical Delivery

Pictorial explaining how to select the right container system when chemicals are particularly susceptible to contamination introduced while in storage or during transport. It shows how our storage/transport containers and connection systems are designed to ensure that chemical arrives safely at the point of use as clean as when you packaged it.


End to End Gas Purity

The Growing Importance of Process Gas Purification

Pictorial of the growing importance of process gas purification in manufacturing geometrically complex semiconductor devices. View how advanced purification can address multiple trace contaminants in the gas supply to achieve and maintain the purity baseline.

Gas Filtration

Hiding in Plain Sight

For a semiconductor fab, a contaminated wafer is a mystery to be solved. The impact on wafer yield and device performance is significant. In this case, the combination of an aged gas filter in an automated delivery system are prime suspects.

Pictorial of the impact contaminants can have on wafer yield and device performance, and how understanding gas filtration and replacing filters during scheduled downtime can help prevent costly yield excursions.

EUV Advanced Lithography

Protecting and Transporting Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) Reticles

Pictorial showing the importance of protecting and preserving reticles throughout transport and repeated lithographic patterning, inspection, and cleaning; and how our EUV reticle pods ensure ultraclean, safe storage and structural integrity throughout the complete reticle life cycle.


Clean Chemical Delivery: Glass

Challenges with Glass: A Safe Alternative to Glass Bottles

Glass bottles have been used ubiquitously for chemical delivery and storage for decades. However, they present problems in safety and integrity of the chemistries they contain, particularly for semiconductor fabs manufacturing modern devices. 

Pictorial explaining why NOWPak® liner-based bottle systems provide a safe, cost-effective alternative to glass bottles for chemical delivery and storage in semiconductor manufacturing applications.


Innovation is No Accident

Entegris is the creator of revolutionary subatmospheric gas delivery solutions, including Safe Delivery Source® (SDS®) and Vacuum Actuated Cylinder® (VAC®) technologies. 


Beginning-to-End Wafer Handling Solutions

Entegris provides beginning-to-end wafer handling solutions that require minimal human intervention. Pictorial showing the each of these microenvironments is designed to protect the safety, security, and purity of the wafers throughout the fabrication life cycle.