WEBINAR:The Lithographer's Toolkit

The Lithographer's Toolkit


In this webinar, Jennifer Braggin, Strategic Applications Technologist at Entegris, highlights points in the photochemical ecosystem where variability can be addressed with chemistry and hardware solutions. From the purification of resist components to the final post develop rinse, there are many points at which defects can be created or eliminated.

As the possible combinations of chemistries increase to achieve ever-shrinking nodes, the portfolio of photochemical filtration to reduce defects, variability, and downtime must also grow.


About the Presenter:
Jennifer Braggin has held various roles in technical marketing and engineering management, where she focuses on improving semiconductor manufacturing yields, enhancing training efforts, and communicating technical achievements to a range of international clients and partners. She graduated from Tufts Gordon Institute with an M.S. in engineering management and received the program's outstanding student award. She is currently an Applications Technologies at Entegris, and she teaches engineering management at Tufts Gordon Institute.

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