Single-Use Technologies for Bulk Drug Substance:

Freeze/Ship/Thaw Process Based on Bags webinaR

New bio-pharmaceutical drug products that alter and even save lives can be very profitable for their developers. They are, however, costly to develop and represent significant investment, particularly at the end of the manufacturing process. For this reason, safe cost-effective frozen storage and transport are critical, especially as drugs transition from R&D through clinical trial and to higher volume production.

In this recorded webinar, Mike Johnson, Entegris Director R&D Engineering, and Johannes Kirchmair, CEO/Founder of Single Use Support (SUS), present single-use
bag system technologies for freeze/thaw applications in bulk drug substance (BDS) manufacturing.

Transitioning to more efficient, cost-effective, single-use solutions that can help biopharmaceutical manufacturers hit performance targets at high yields.


Mike Johnson
Director R&D Engineering
Entegris. Inc.

Johannes Kirchmair
Single Use Support GmbH

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