How to Improve Manufacturing Process Efficiency to Increase Speed-to-Market


The 25 most successful pharmaceutical manufacturers globally are more than twice as productive as their competitors. Increased productivity can lead to lower costs due to economies of scale, which can in turn lead to more profitability.

By creating efficiencies in the manufacturing process, pharma businesses can reduce time to market and increase their productivity.

Improving efficiency is not limited to productivity and profit, as optimizing processes also makes it easier to comply with regulations that ensure patient safety and reduce the potential for expensive mistakes.

This Pharma IQ report, produced in association with Entegris, looks at the ways pharmaceutical companies can improve their manufacturing processes – from the concept stage through to commercialization – outlining practical solutions.

Download this report to uncover:

  • How modular facilities and disposable equipment can improve efficiencies
  • How to avoid costly mistakes such as contaminants and improper storage
  • Which processes to outsource to make efficiencies