cell and gene webinar

This webinar will examine the advantages of fluoropolymer film as material of choice for the storage and development of high value oligonucleotide-based payloads such as an ssDNA aptamer. Nucleic-acid-based therapies, such as DNA, antisense oligonucleotides, small interfering RNAs (siRNA), aptamer probes, and messenger RNA (mRNA), have been widely used in diverse biomedical

Julien and Mark will discuss:

  • How to integrate appropriate materials and tools for oligonucleotides handling 
  • Optimization of DNA storage using dedicated fluoropolymer film for cell and gene therapy products development & manufacture
  • The use of highly sensitive assays for nucleic acid and particle contamination detection and prevention



Julien Muzard
Field Applications Technologist

Julien Muzard 2023Julien is a French biotechnologist with a PhD from Paris-Diderot. After postdoctoral training in single-molecule nanobiophysics and computational biology, Julien continued his career at the Center of Molecular Innovation in Dublin and the Molecular Foundry in California. He returned to Europe in 2015 to further establish his career in bionanotechnology, helping to develop the FDA-approved drug Glenzocimab. He joined Entegris in 2021.

Mark Platt
Chief Technology Officer
Figura Analytics

mark platt march2023-1As a founder of Figura Analytics, Mark Platt has led the development of Figura’s platform for nanomaterials, biomarkers, pharmaceuticals, and environmental pollutants.

Mark specializes in aptamer and resistive pulse sensors and has become a global leader. He obtained a PhD in 2005 from the University of Manchester and has spent 8 years as a post doc, moving between the USA, Ireland, and the UK while exploring microfluidics, aptamers, and electrochemistry.