More than Just a Chip Tray

safeguarding small parts whenever they are needed

Our custom packaging trays can safely store and move an inventory of small
parts without damaging the contents. They are designed to integrate with existing automated handling equipment and are perfectly suited to manage small items
such as medical parts, gems, springs, screws, watch parts, semiconductor chips,
and much more.

Customers can utilize our online Tray Wizard to search the extensive inventory of existing tray designs to find a tray that will meet their parameters. Our portfolio of device trays is manufactured in a clean warehouse manufacturing environment. If
a customer determines that they require a unique design, they can utilize our
i-Tray Designer to create a custom tray to meet their special requirements. We offer customized trays as well as standard sizes in a wide variety of materials and colors. Design features to consider:

  • Corner relief, 
  • Wash holes,
  • Cross slots,
  • Pocket arrays, and more!

This paper discusses additional options for designing the perfect tray for your specific small parts.