Mixing Systems: How to Stay One Step Ahead of Biopharma Supply Chain Constraints 

technical paper

Today’s biotechnology and biopharmaceutical industry is facing ever increasing threats to their supply chain. The COVID-19 pandemic has further intensified the issue, making access to critical raw materials even more difficult. Entegris has had
the foresight to plan accordingly and ensure its supply is robust, minimizing the risk
of production delays.

In this paper we address:

  • COVID-19 exacerbation of supply constraints
  • The need of a reliable supply partner
  • Supply chain impacts on mixing operations
  • How a custom design-to-delivery process can still have timely delivery

With respect to mixing operations, our single-use mixing system is easy to use, offers design flexibility, and can be customized to meet your unique process requirements. Keep your bioprocessing on track with peace of mind knowing that we can design
and deliver mixers to blend your buffer and media correctly and efficiently, when
you need them.