High-Density Cell Banking

How Fluoropolymer Single-use Bags Shorten Seed Train Processes

Learn how high-density cell banking can shorten the seed training process from weeks to days!

High-Density cell banking accelerates the upstream process by providing a much larger volume of concentrated cells at the start of a production run. This innovative process eliminates many of the labor intensive and risky approaches currently used by most bioprocessing labs, including:

  • Handling many vials
  • Variable cell viability
  • More contamination risks
  • Weeks to start a bioreactor

Join Jonathan Cartoux and Janelle Rupkalvis, Entegris applications engineers, as they share insights from a CPE Lyon University collaboration that demonstrates the cryoresistance advantages of fluoropolymer 2D single-use bag assemblies in cell freezing and banking for upstream processing.

Register today to hear how this solution:

  • Allows high cell concentrations in large volumes to be stored at -150oC
  • Demonstrates direct inoculation in larger bioreactors to seed new runs
  • Saves considerable upstream processing time, space, and cost

About Presenters:

Jonathan Cartoux, Entegris Applications Engineer

Mr. Cartoux joined Entegris in January 2018 as an application engineering EMEA team member. He came to Entegris from Merck Millipore Sigma Company, which he joined in 2010. In his current role, Mr. Cartoux is applying his single-use technical expertise to help grow the life sciences business with new, forward-thinking solutions. Mr. Cartoux has a master’s degree in molecular biology and biochemistry as well as a master's specialization in sales and marketing

Janelle Rupkalvis, Entegris Applications Engineer


Ms. Rupkalvis joined Entegris in 2017 as a field applications engineer in our Life Sciences business. In her current role, Ms. Rupkalvis’ primary responsibilities include growing the Life Sciences business through the identification of new opportunities and market strategies.

Ms. Rupkalvis has a degree in Biomedical Engineering from Michigan Technological University, and is currently a candidate for a Master's in Business Administration from the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota, and is a member of ISPE and an active participant in AS ME, leading the Single-use Bags Task Group.