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Advanced Logic
Examining Chip Manufacturing Challenges for Advanced Logic Architecture

Learn more about critical issues that will have to be addressed to cost-effectively produce faster, denser logic devices that are being driven by the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Advanced Coatings
Reducing Contamination and Improving Yield: Precision Engineered Techniques for Coating Plasma Chamber Components

Learn about the importance of precision-engineered coatings for etch chamber components that can help reduce contamination risk and produce higher-yielding semiconductor devices.

Automotive Reliability
The Small, Medium, and Large of Preventing Automotive Latent Defects

Learn more about our advanced chemical filtration and purification solutions in the semiconductor fab and how they help prevent hidden defects. 

Chasing the Perfect Pattern

Semiconductor fabricators need to prevent photolithography pattern flaws to ensure the functionality and reliability of their electronics devices. Check out how they’re doing it.

Clean Chemical Delivery
Reducing Contamination Points in Clean Chemical Delivery from Manufacture through
Point of Use

To achieve optimum wafer yield and reliability, the microelectronics industry needs to address the increased materials consumption requirements and material purity challenges from chemical manufacture to point-of-use.

Ensuring Purity and Safety: How to Select the Right Container System for Safe, Clean Chemical Delivery
Learn why choosing a reliable single-sourced solution provider of contamination-controlled chemical packaging, with a proven understanding of fluoropolymer processing, and expertise in how to control potential contamination sources, is the most efficient and cost-effective way to mitigate both contamination and safety risks when storing, transporting, or dispensing bulk chemicals.

Glass Alternatives: Clean Chemical Delivery
Exploring Glass Container Alternatives for Clean Chemical Delivery

Learn about the challenges posed by relying on traditional glass bottles to pack, store, ship, and deliver clean process chemicals, alternatives and a viable solution to these challenges.

EUV: Advanced Lithography
Enabling Advanced Lithography: The Challenges of Storing and Transporting EUV Reticles

Extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography is expanding into high-volume production as the semiconductor industry continues to push the envelope of ever-shrinking design dimensions. EUV lithography is an enabling technology for streamlining the patterning process. 

Gas Purity
Bowling for Contaminants: The New Science of Gas Purification

Semiconductor device yields have long been impacted by contamination. Gas purity must extend through the full supply chain to prevent process excursions and improve device performance and reliability. 

Eliminating Unwanted Oxygen: Preventing Device Failure at the Source

Learn more about the numbers, processes, science, and solutions that can eliminate oxygen from essential film deposition processes during advanced logic, LED, and OLED electronic device component manufacturing.

Global Operational Excellence
Building a Reliable and Predictable Specialty Chemicals Supply Chain for Semiconductor Manufacturing Success

Let's examine the technology advancements required to support advanced node manufacturers, and the role the advanced materials supply chain plays in supporting new opportunities and solving challenges to help semiconductor manufacturers remain competitive.

The China Semiconductor Mandate for Success: A Reliable, Predictable, and Local Specialty Chemicals Supply Chain

Our vision is to deliver material solutions that enable our customers technology and business roadmaps while continuously improving our supply of safe, quality, competitive materials.

High Purity Chemical Manufacturing
The Fight for Purity in Chemical Manufacturing

The digital transformation we are all experiencing as consumers present new challenges to material makers, as well as opportunities. Contamination control remains one of the largest challenges as integrated circuit (IC) technology advances. Better contamination control can significantly improve yield.

The Internet of Things: A Sustainable Driver for Integrated Circuit Growth

From smart speakers to smart homes, smart cities, smart transportation, smart pharmaceuticals, and smart grids, it is not hard to imagine a world where there are chips in just about everything.

Lithographer's Toolkit
A Practical Toolkit to Reduce Lithography Process Variability: Filtering Out the Noise in Your Process

Liquid filtration primarily uses polymer membrane technologies as selective barriers that permit certain constituents in a fluid stream to pass through while retaining or rejecting others. The selection of a membrane architecture is one critical factor in designing your unique contamination control solutions.

Materials Integration for Scaled Devices
Exploring the Possibilities: A Holistic Approach to Materials Processing for Scaled Devices

As the industry progresses beyond the 7 nm process node, and the need for changes in device architecture, feature dimensions, process materials, and fabrication equipment to achieve production goals, issues of scaling logic devices are emerging. 

Silicon Precursor Toolbox for Low-temperature Deposition

The drive toward making electronics faster, denser, and cheaper continues unabated. Shrinking device dimensions and changes in structure place additional demands on the materials used in all steps of semiconductor processing.

Total Container Solutions
Realizing Bottom Line Profits from Wafer Carrier Selection

Protect your investment with full container solutions to monitor, protect, transport, and deliver those valuable wafers from the front-end through to the back-end of the fab.