Entegris Technology Day


Domaine des Fontaines

September 12, 2019


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8:45            Entegris Today
                   Antoine Amande, Sr., Regional Director EMEA

New Collaborative Approach to meet the defectivity objective of the       automotive industry

9:15          Microcontamination Control Solutions – Make it clean
                 Why Contamination Control Matters
                 Dr. Günter Haas, Technologist EMEA Liquid Microcontamination Control
                 • Why material contamination control
                 • ECO system and Case study

                 Improve Gas Purity Consistency, Lifetime, and Final Purity
                 Cristian Landoni., Dir. Gas Purification Business
                 • Bulk facility gas purification
                 • Process level gas purification

10:30           Break 

10:45         Particle Sizing and Flow Control Solutions - Control it!
                  Shane Collis, Technologist EMEA – Components and Systems

                  Measurement and Control of Critical Chemistry
                  • Flow metering and control for bulk and process chemicals
                  • Monitoring real time chemical concentrations

Continuous Slurry Monitoring to Detect Agglomeration and Prevent Scratching
• Why monitor LPCs?
• Examples of how Entegris particle sizing solutions can be used to             improve the CMP process

11:45         Clean Delivery Solutions - Keep it clean!

                  Cleanliness Challenges in Fluid Delivery Systems
                  Shane Collis, Technologist EMEA – Components and Systems
                  • Entegris cleanliness initiatives for chemical tubings
                  • Electrostatic dissipative concerns
                  • Safe chemical packaging

12:15         Airborne Molecular Contamination - Manage it!
                  Mike Alexander, AMC Filtration Global Business Development

                  Control Airborne Molecular Contamination in Facilities
                  • AMC chemical filtration for facilities applications
                  • AMC monitoring for facilities applications

12:45         Lunch sponsored by Entegris




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