Biomanufacturing with Fluoropolymer Single-Use Systems

recorded webinar

Single-use, disposable solutions are now widely accepted as the gold standard in the biopharmaceutical industry covering every step of the drug manufacturing process. From early-stage small scale R&D, upstream production with several thousand liters bioreactors, downstream process, and active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) formulation up to critical fill/finish and transport applications, the industry is shifting with a significant breakthrough reported in 2021.

This webinar, hosted by Global Engage, focuses on recent case studies and analytical technology data on carefully selected molecular entities/submicron particles obtained in the lab to support various applications such as large-scale bioprocessing/banking of mammalian cells, cell and gene therapy (adenovirus), critical vaccinology programs (mRNA-LNP/liposomes), as well as purified proteins.

Recent trends and challenges in (disposable) materials and technologies used in the decentralized biopharmaceutical industry are also discussed.

Key learning objectives:

  • Discover how fluoropolymer material is an ideal choice in biomanufacturing
  • Understand, through case studies, the resilience of fluoropolymer material and its applications scope
  • Keep up with latest trends and challenges around single-use materials and technologies