Monitoring Industry Contamination Down to Single Particle Level Using Next-Generation Resistive Pulse Sensing and Fluoropolymer Bags



Oligonucleotides are becoming a critical material in the field of life sciences due to their value in creating research tools, vitro diagnostic tests, new nucleic acid-based therapies, mRNA vaccines, and specialized medicines including in vivo gene editing as well as cell and gene therapies. Because oligonucleotide handling can be complex, traditional container approaches may underperform and create significant issues:

  • DNA often binds to commercially available polypropylene tubes.
  • Oligonucleotides can be lost due to non-specific adsorption onto container walls
  • Low-absorption polypropylene vessels and tubes may be cost-prohibitive for high-volume manufacturing
Compared to traditional storage methods, high-performance fluoropolymer bags can offer significant advantages. By minimizing contamination risk and maximizing recovery, fluoropolymer bags can ensure safe and effective handling of DNA from start to finish. 

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