Accelerating Cell and Gene Therapy Development


Over the past three decades we have seen rapid advancements in the capabilities of cell and gene therapies (CGTs). Today, they are at the forefront of innovative healthcare, with applications for the treatment of severe diseases such as cancer or blindness.

However, pharma organizations have struggled with creating successful business models for CGTs, with some researchers noting that 95% of patients receive treatments through commercial delivery. This report created by Pharma IQ in collaboration with Entegris draws on the insights and experience of industry professionals from organizations the likes of Entegris, AstraZeneca, and PPD. It outlines the challenges that prevent the acceleration of CGT development, including manufacturing and scaling, and offer solutions for overcoming them.

Download this report to uncover:

  • The primary challenges of bringing CGT to market and how to overcome them.
  • Best practice solutions for manufacturing and delivering treatments.
  • Real-world examples of manufacturing solutions.